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Šiaulių sporto gimnazija | Tarptautiniai projektai 


Anadolu Lisesi

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Interview to the Turkish channel "AKSU"

Agrupamento de Escolas

de Vila Pouca d'Aguiar Sul

School magazine of Agrupamento de Escolas de Vila Pouca de Aguiar

Blog: José António Pereira Liberato's blog

Portuguese team created a video with title: "Looking down in pain"


The message presented in the video is: "The bullying forces us to quest our role in the world. Who are we? Who am I? We are not just what we look like; our appearance does not define us; I ask you: are you looking deeply in my eyes? What can you see? What can we achieve in this world without love? Try to show how strong you are by forgiving; Thing by yourself; Think because acting; be what you really want to be!  Say no to bullying that is destroying your inner self".


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8th Lyceum of Athens

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Official website of the project: http://www.artvsviolence.gr/

Greek students created a video and shared it to YouTube and Facebook as well

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Presentation of the project

Official website of 8th Lyceum of Athens - Language used: Greek -

(There is information regarding the participation of the school in the European programme Erasmus+)

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Participation of 8th Lyceum in Erasmus+ project, published on educational content web page.


'PANORAMA' (A DVD named "PANORAMA", including all the material used, produced and presented during the meetings of all the partners, which was distributed to all the Erasmus' members team. A copy also sent to neighboring schools, to the administration of Education and to the Municipality of Athens)